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Charles “CLS” Schriver is well known for his “Wooden Post-Graffiti” on the streets of Chicago and Denver, though his outdoor installations can be seen around the globe. Below you will see his first full body of work intended to be viewed inside, and able to be purchased for your home! Spectra Art Space was honored to host this amazing show with these colossal works of abstract assemblage art.

Abstract Curiosity opened on Friday, Feb 9th, in conjunction with CLS releasing his newest book Abstract Curiosity (Click here to purchase your very own signed copy!)  and will be on display through the beginning of March. Please contact curator Sadie Young if you are interested or have questions about any available works.

SpectraArtDenver@gmail.com or call 720-535-7244

We Just Added Everything to our online shop as well! View the collection with pricing and shipping rates here. 

Abstract Curiosity – A CLS Solo Exhibition 

“I believe art is not meant to last forever and that it only remains in time for a fleeting moment. My street sculpture/relief murals are created on to the base of boarded-up buildings, construction sites, and other temporary architectural structures.  I arrange self-cut and ordinary wooden shapes collected from alleys, garbages, and individuals and strategically place them to wooden barricades.  Building on and taking from the street guarantees each relief mural a specific purpose in its environment, forcing interaction and allowing people to pay attention to their space.

Each sculpture is spontaneously built on site so that it is capable of bringing a smile to the face of a passer-by and so it can stealthily create its own unique story and design.  The entire process is what I love and is very special to me. My name is Charles Lewis Schriver and I strive to have active engagement and interaction with the people of my community.  The world…”


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