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Painting On The Record: Painting class & Spectra Fundraiser

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Spectra (Emergency) Fundraiser Via Painting Class! This Sunday.

Swoop a Ticket for the painting class here!

A Call to Our Community: As many of you might know, running a small brick and mortar is no easy task. This past month has been particularly tough for our beloved Spectra Art Space and we need to raise some funds quickly to help us cover some big bills coming up, especially our insurance. (When it rains it pours.) Instead of just asking for donations we are going to host a really fun painting class lead by Sadie Young, and Kayla Smith! We will also have some great sales throughout the day as well as some small silent auction items. So please consider sharing the event / grabbing your friends and family and come to paint pretty Desert landscapes with us on 12″ records! We are asking for $30 Per Person for this class.

If you would like to simply Donate click here. Every Little bit really helps!

Swoop a Ticket for the painting class here!

Class Will Include:

  • Step by step guided Instruction.
  • All materials needed to create your Masterpiece.
  • Pre-Primed 12″ Record
  • Apron. **Creativity can be messy! Make sure you dress with this in mind!**
  • Coffee, tea, and light refreshments / Wine.

In this class, students will not only be guided through a painting they will learn techniques and tips from Sadie that they will be able to apply out of the class.

Some things students will learn:

  • Beginner/ intermediate acrylic painting techniques.
  • The do’s and don’ts of priming surfaces.
  • Brush care.
  • Wet into Wet technique.
  • Basics of glazing.
  • Simple perspective.

Teacher Bio: Sadie Young is the founder of Spectra Art Space. She has her BFA with a focus in Painting and art history from MSU, and has been a painter by profession for nearly 10 years. “I LOVE teaching. I like to make sure my students feel good about what they are making and while they are making it. I keep my classes upbeat and fun, and offer more information about the craft than your basic paint and sip class, in large part due to my academic background.”

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