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Tiny Art Big Ideas 2021: Artist Call For Entry

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THIS IS AN OPEN CALL TO ALL ARTISTS IN ALL MEDIA! No submission fee, non-vetted. Sculpture/Painting/Drawing/Jewelry/Installations etc!

About the Show

Spectra Art Space is proud to announce #TinyArtBigIdeas OPEN CALL art Show 2021 edition!

SO TINY IN FACT that the biggest submitted works can be is 6″x6″x6”!! Now I know a lot of you work much larger than that, so consider this a challenge! We want your tiniest works of art. The idea here is to create what you love, create art that makes you happy. This art prompt is to remind us as artists, patrons, and humans that even in our darkest hours we just have to remember to be grateful for the LITTLE things in life!

Part of the proceeds from the opening event & art sales will go to suicide awareness and prevention efforts in memory of those we have lost and celabration of Team Love Life.

How to Submit

No matter where you live in the world we want you to submit! Whether you already have art made or still need to make it, please fill out the form below to register as an artist ASAP. Once you have filled out this form you are confirmed for the showcase!

  1.  Before you start making art….Fill out the submission form linked below (Aprox 5min to fill out)
  2. Want to submit to the show but you dont have artwork made yet? No problem! Fill out the form before November 10th and you are gaurenteed to be in the show.
  3.  Start creating works of art!
  4. If you are having trouble filling out the submission form & would like to participate please let us know- Email SpectraArtDenver@gmail.com

Quick Guide For Artists Submissions/Show Requirments: 

      • This year the Opening reception will be on November 20, 2021 at Spectra Art Space in Denver.
      • The biggest submitted works can be is 6″x6″x6”!!
    • There will be no limit on how many works can be submitted per artist.
      • This is an INCLUSIVE show, which means if you submit you will be accepted. (Pending space)
      • We are accepting work from anywhere, so no matter where you live in the world you are welcome to submit! 
    • Deadline for tiny art to be delivered to the gallery is November 16, 2021, 4 days before the opening reception! Artwork can be submitted to Spectra Art Space’s Gallery between 11/14 (Sunday) – 11/17 (Wednesday).

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