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Into The Rainbow Artist Call For Entry

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About the Show

Artists are invited to submit for our upcoming showcase Into The Rainbow which will Open on June 18th. This is a show we had in June 2019 and we are so thrilled to be able to bring it back in 2021! This is a show that celebrates Pride month & the driving vision of inclusivity that Spectra Art Space is founded on.

If you identify on the LGBTTQ+ spectrum you are free to keep that to yourself or sing it from the rooftop, we want everyone involved in this show to be comfortable with where they are in life and how they identify. Artists participating in this show or invited to showcase are all Queer & Allies and no one will be judged or criticized for being either. 

How to Submit

To participate as an artist please fill out the submission form. Submission forms are due by May 29th so that we may assign each artist a monochromatic color for their rainbow wall submission. 

Quick Guide For Artists Submissions/Show Requirments: 

    • You can submit 1-3 rainbow/pride-inspired works of art. If you create more than 1 rainbow work, keep them small please. (Keeping in mind that the intention here is COLOR & Rainbows.) 
    • We are requiring that each artist who participates submit one monochromatic work for the show. We will be creating one Giant rainbow wall with all of the monochromatic works submitted. The intention of this part of the installation, to put it simply,  is to show how beautiful things/the world can be when we all work together and support each other. We will confirm YOUR COLOR after your form has been submitted.
    • ALL ART FORMS WELCOME. This includes Jewelry, digital, sculpture, clothing, fiber arts, ect. 
    • This is an INCLUSIVE show, which means if you submit you will be accepted. (Pending space) 
    • We are accepting work from anywhere, so no matter where you live in the world you are welcome to submit! 
  • We will be installing the show on June 14th and 15th.

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