Join us Sunday, July 14th, for an insanely fun painting class inspired by Star Wars AND Street Art! This class is perfect for ALL AGES and ALL skill levels! Even if you have never painted before you will LOVE this class!

Class Includes:

  • 1 Canvas or 1 12″ Record to Paint on.

  • Brushes, Acrylic paint, Chalk Pastels

  • Several Pre-Made Star Wars Themed Art Stencils to choose from (INCLUDING ALL NEW ONES!)

  • Air Brush Lessons and Use!

  • Light Refreshments for kiddos and adults!

  • Demo for the Space background

Class Overview: Students will learn about the method of making stencils and how street artists use them through history and today to create stunning works of art including beautiful visual examples and books. We will use traditional paint to lay down fun backgrounds and then students will each have a chance to use airbrushes and a large variety of hand made stencils created by the Spectra Ladies to complete their one-of-a-kind works of art!

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100% Of the proceeds from this class will go directly to Spectra Art Space

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Check out these photos from our first class!