June 22nd-July 23rd

Featuring all new, never before seen works by Abram “ALEO” .  Enjoy free drinks, refreshments, live music, and lots of giveaways and door prizes. Join Denver’s premier art gallery, Spectra Art Space, for a night of art, music, libations, and more. Celebrate a  Denver favorite, Abram “ALEO” and his first Solo exhibition.

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Opening Reception Featuring Live Music with :

 FunkStatik , Blast Nice , and The Autonym 


“The pixel has come to dominate what we view today. Screens are everywhere, flashing pixels across like shooting stars. Pigments are how the pixel come into being. Unlike pigments, with out the computer monitor, the pixel does not exist.

For me, working by hand feels more natural and relaxing. It is a bridge between our ever evolving digital culture and the very essence of the human condition. We are not the machines that we build, we are imperfect and so is painting. In this series of work I created every image first digitally. I used photoshop to sketch out my designs, letting my stylus pen move freely across the digital drawing pad. Using source imagery and the basic tools of photoshop, I created a series of work that represents snapshots of fast paced life we experience today.

Human form mixed with bright flashy expressive mark making, is the representation of the juxtaposition of calmness and chaos of human emotion and experience. Using the computer to “mock up” designs before executing them on canvas with traditional media. Crossing abstract forms that can stand alone in composition with the characters I choose to portray.”

You might recognize “ALEO” from murals around Colorado. He has made his mark in Denver as well as the surrounding cities with his murals, as well as his prolific involvement in the live art community, painting and showcasing not only at local festivals such as Sonic Bloom,  but also around the country such as  Meow Wolf, and Oregon Eclipse Festival. He has shown work in several galleries across town including Threyda.

**We will be requesting a 5-10$ donation at the door.

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