Spookadelia : The Waking Closing day & Closing Reception!


Apr 30 12 – 8 pm

We invite everyone to join us for the closing celebration and final day of Spookadelia 5!

About the Event:

  • Free Coffee From our friends Ramble on Roasting.
  • Meet and greet & Art Pop-Up with Marina Fini
  • Free Tarrott Readings with the magical Mermaid Jojo
  • Free Adult Beverages from our friends Ratio Beer Works
  • Meet the artists, and have the opportunity to purchase works of art from the Immersive space that you will be able to take home at the close of the evening.


  • FREE ENTRY INTO THE IMMERSIVE If you have already visited Spookadelia: The Waking and can show us your ticket email from the past.
  • Sound bath session with Marina Fini and Friends (time TBD)
  • Live Painting with current Gallery Artist Laura McGowan

*Adult Drinks will be available later in the day*

Guests still must have Immersive entry passes (or Proof that you have already visited Spookadelia: The Waking IE ticket stub/receipt and we will let you in for free!) to enter the Immersive Space but we will have special happenings throughout the day for all of our guests in the main gallery space for free to celebrate the last day of this magical experience.

Closing Reception Hours:

April 30 2023

Sunday: 12 PM – 8 PM

Get Directions! 

Spookadelia: The Wakening: is an all-ages narrative-

Spookadelia: The Wakening: is an all-ages narrative-driven psychedelic immersive art, theatrical, and highly interactive experience presented by Spectra Art Space, along with performance artists curated by Elevated Circus, several artists now featured at Denver Meow Wolf as well as, Marina Fini, and SO MANY MORE.

Investigating the human condition and our relationship with self while providing a fresh take on art consumption and the haunted experience. The Wakening is the awe-inspiring and introspective fifth installment of the Spookadelia series. Boasting several all-new installations, amazing new characters, actors, and more ways than ever to interact with the art and the story. All in all, bigger & better than ever before.

The Adventure ahead:

Guests will be on a self-guided journey to help a citizen of Novo Ita escape the eternal sleep state they have been in since the curse overcame them. In order wake up they must remember their name. Guests will have to navigate the realm of dreams in order to help them discover their name and who they once were, only then can they rejoin us in the land of the conscious.

Each room and section of this indoor/outdoor experience is immersive, interactive, and mind-bending. The installations and experience, while “spooky” will also be family-friendly & full of delight.

Guests who achieve The Wakening:

Guests who complete the mission will receive special treats at the end of their journey.

FAQ & Information

  • This is an all-ages spooky event! Fun for a date night & for Family fun.
  • Guests will want to make sure to bring at least 1 charged smartphone per group with them for their visit.
  • This is an indoor & outdoor experience. – Open Rain, Snow, Or Shine.
  • Photos and videos are allowed.
  • Free street parking on Broadway & surrounding neighborhoods.
  • This immersive is ADA accessible. Call with any concerns.

More about the artists:

There will be several installations created by local artists including the Spectra Art Space core team who have created installations including Spookadelia 1- 4, Back to the Source, Novo Ita, and other festival installations. Working in conjunction with artists who are now featured at Meow Wolf including Art By DAS, Cal Duran, Corrina Espinosa, and SUPER SPECIAL guest Marina Fini who is taking over the entire indoor space.

The exhibition will also feature virtual performance artists and an Augmented Reality experience created by David Hanan & Corrina Espinosa. Wonderful narration and writing from fantasy writer Caelan Donovan & Friends. Sound Design by Sonic Warrior, and Low-Frequency Output & several other local producers. 

With art and installations by: Art By DAS, Sadie Young, Alex Clifford, Jason Bild Smith, Ashley Blocker, Mike Kerr, Casandra Edwards, Adventures in Lilly Land, Glitchybb, Sean Dennehy, Heather Willmeng, Ben Shores,  Ashkon, Life of a Paint Brush, Brittany De Los Santos, Lexie Lund, Lisa Joanis, Grace Noel, Cal Duran, Ryan Kinney, Jini Veenker, Christian Ianitello, Damara Applebeck, Yazz Atmore, Ryan Sorrell, Kristin Fesenmeyer, Moonie B. Jones, Laura Elizabeth Cruz, Jake Gardner, Chris Mora, Marina Fini, and so many more!

A full unique botanical experience: curated and installed by Alex Clifford and Sponsored by Echter’s Nursery & Garden Center.

Lighting and Electrical team: led and sponsored by Karls Custom Electric and Low-Frequency-Output

Led by creative director Sadie Young, the owner of Spectra Art Space.