Sunday, September 15th. 2 – 4pm

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Join us for an insanely fun Experimental Fluid Pour Class. We are ready to get messy and enjoy some fun carefree color therapy. We are giving everyone 2 canvases to get messy for this special experience.

Perfect for all ages and skill levels (aka fun for the whole family!)

Class Includes:

  • 2 Canvases! 1 to create a regular fluid pour and a 2nd to experiment with!
  • Materials for your Fluid Pour(paint and mixes)
  • Tools to experiment with different ways of fluid pouring. (balloons, straws and more!)
  • Glitter and Crystals (for extra pizzaz)
  • Aprons(creating your masterpiece can get messy!)

Class Overview:

In this class, students will be given the tools, materials, and instruction to not only create an incredible fluid pour but also extra tools to play with to really create a one of a kind fluid pour experience. First, we will demonstrate what you can do, then let you take what you learned and create your own masterpiece.

This class is also a fundraiser for our beloved space so 100% of the proceeds are going straight back into keeping our baby alive!

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