Self Love Nichos: 02/13/2020

An art class where you craft an ode to the vision of your best self through a little latin inspired love! It’s 2020, and here in February let’s set our vision & intentions for the new year together through the art of making & decorating nichos!

Nichos are a folk art of new and old Mexico and are used as a daily reminder of your personal goals, and best vision for yourself. In this class we will dive into the things we love about ourselves, and will decorate our very own nicho to have as a daily reminder of how amazing we are! To quote the pop queen “Excuse me while I feel Myself” .

Each Class Pass Includes:

  • 1 authentic Nicho : Consisting of a hinged glass box surrounded by a frame of ornate traditional designs made in metal.
  • An assortment of craft materials and trinkets to decorate and fill your nicho with. Including collage materials , glue, paint, glitter, lace, pom poms, dingle balls, fabric, trinkets, crystals, and so much more!

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Meet Your Teacher :

Hi! My name is Grace Noel and I am a Colorado native and mixed media/Installation artist in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe since 2013 at the Denver Art Society. My artwork is all about being outside in the sunshine: “We are all made of sunshine. Sunshine makes the plants grow, the water flow, and the wind blows. So now it’s time to go on a magical journey through the rainbow!” I have been making beaded jewelry since I was a child and now its time to see what you can create from my bead collection! It is a pleasure to grow together through making art in a magical place like Spectra Art Space and I am excited to see you there!