About this event

We are kicking our month of Pride events off with a unique pop-up art show featuring Amayas Gonzalez (they/them/theirs).

Join us for this fun, themed opening Night on June 11th from 7pm – 9pm. Featuring Live Music, a Performance by Amayas, light refreshments, and more. Amayas invites everyone to come dressed in neons, pearls, and anti-hatred mantras on their mind.

Can’t Make it to the Opening Reception? RSVP to View  IRL on another day here.

About the Art:

Pearls, Neon Lights, and Hatred; A vision of SYC is a small journey through Amayas’ mind through art, activism, and creativity. Amayas’ designs are based on their imagination and the world around them. Some of the pieces shown will be vintage reworked leather, handmade patches, collage bags, and more.

About the artist:

Amayas Gonzalez (they/them/theirs) is a queer, trans, femme of color artist, activist and creative. Amayas is currently living in Denver but has set up in NY and Tokyo. Amayas is a fashion over comfort type of person, they are always changing their style and aesthetics. Amayas never settles for anything, no matter what they want, they want the best. Amayas is a fighter for all people and for themselves.

Artist Statment:

I use fashion to show my emotions. Fashion is more than art for me, it is my life. I use the energy of the trans people before me to fuel me to create. The world of fashion wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for trans people. My trans journey, my queer journey, my cultural journey, and the LGBTQ+ people before, with, and after me are my inspiration. I am constantly thinking about designs in my head, what comes next, what do people hate about me that I love, and I turn that into art. I always use what is already here, upcycling is a necessary thing in a world that wastes so much, I love making new things out of old things. I use vintage magazines, photos, and stickers alongside vintage textiles and new items as well. I always start with one project and end up with 30 works in progress, but I always manage to finish everything.

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