Open to the public April 9th  – May 1st 2022

Spectra Art Space

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About the Art Show:

Celebrating Local Artists & Fashion with a small carbon footprint. Featuring artists who are reclaiming more than just discarded materials. Featuring the work of these 12 amazing local creators.

RSVP Tiers:

  • ♦Donate $5 – $10 and receive a swag pack with a variety of pins, stickers, and magnets.
  • ♦Donate $15 or more and receive unlimited access to our Immersive Art Space Spookadelia/Novo Ita on the night of the event! (Usually a $30 Value!)
  • ♦Donate $25 or more in advance and receive Unlimited Access to the immersive space Spookadelia/Novo Ita during the event, and a special swag pack with a mix of exclusive pins, stickers, or magnets.