Dates Extended Through April 2022 before it closes for good.

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“ A malady lays heavy on the land like a thick fog and it is you that must bring it to light.  There is no doubt, the Spectra Specter has returned, and they are not alone.”

Spookadelia 4: The Curse Of Novo Ita is an all-ages psychedelic immersive art, augmented reality and theatrical experience presented by Spectra Art Space. The Curse Of Novo Ita is the awe-inspiring and introspective fourth installment of the Spookadelia Series from the artist, makers, and move shakers who brought you Novo Ita, and Spookadelia 1,2, and 3  along with some new surprise artists making their Spookadelia debut. 
Guests who are brave enough to help lift the curse of Novo Ita will have to learn the art of rift walking and reassemble the artifact needed to save the city. They will face many trials as they travel into the home of lost souls known as the Dimension of Mirrors, surpass the allure of power & wealth on the Plane Of fallen Kings, and come face to face with the darkest realms of themselves in the Miasma Of Inner Monsters. Once they  have assembled the artifact they will use their new found magic to lift the curse of Novo Ita. 
Each room and section of this indoor/outdoor experience is immersive, interactive, and mind-bending. Investigating the human condition and our relationship with self and the world while providing a fresh take on art consumption and the haunted experience. The installations and experience, while “spooky” will also be family-friendly & full of delight.


    • Admission tickets are available for every Wednesday – Sunday.
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      • Please arrive on time for your booking to ensure proper flow for fellow visitors.
  • Large Groups: Book tickets for time slots close to each other & you will be able to meet up once you get through the indoor rooms.

Upcoming Special Events

Space Case Comedy: April 29th, 8 pm-10 pm (Immersive Art Experience Reg Tickets closed from 8 pm – 10 pm this day)

Curated Night of Comedy with access to Immersive Art Space!

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Private Rental April 16th, 6 pm-11 pm (Immersive Closed)
Private Rental April 30th, 10 am – 3 pm (Immersive and Gallery Closed)

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There will be several installations created by local artists including the Spectra Art Space core team who have created installations including Spookadelia 1,2 & 3, Back to the Source, Novo Ita, and other festival installations. Working in conjunction with artists who are now featured at Denver Meow Wolf including Art By DAS and Corrina Crazie Espinosa.  The exhibition will also feature video performance artists, and an Augmented Reality experience created by David Hanan. Wonderful narration and writing from fantasy writer Caelan Donovan. Sound Design by Sonic Warrior, and Low Frequency Output.  Lead by creative director Sadie Young, the owner of Spectra Art Space.

With art and installations by: Art By DAS, Sadie Young, Alex Clifford, Jason Build, Ashley Blocker, Mike Kerr, Shannon Rose Bress, Mark Bress, Casandra Edwards, Adventures in Lilly Land, Glitchybb, Sam Ott Pots, Sean Dennehy, Chris Bohlin, Rez, Sage “Storm” Davis, Heather Willmeng, UC Sepia, Robert Carbajal, Ben Shores,  Ashkon, Adventures in Lilly Land, Life of a paint Brush,  Lisa Joanis, Merris “Maker Babe”, Brittany De Los Santos, Bert Suarez, Gita Cornell, Bethany Armstrong, Grace Noel, and Chelsea Crandal.

Lighting and Electrical team lead and sponsored by Karls Custom Electric and Low Frequency Output

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