Spectra Art Space presents our newest immersive, Novo Ita: Propagation.

Be the first to view this magical award-winning art experience during VIP Night on Jun 1st, at 5 pm.

Guests who attend this exclusive opening night will be the first to view the new immersive, meet the creators, and enjoy special offerings, performances, refreshments, super-packed VIP goodie bags, and so much more. Space will be extremely limited for this special one-night event.

A Night Exploring Novo Ita: Propagation like no other.

Exclusive Offerings for VIP Night:

  • Live Music all night will be provided by Furbie Cakes
  • Local Artist Meet and Greet, with guided tour times by request.
  • Special themed Refreshments and Food
  • VERY Special VIP Gift Bags for guests curated by Spectra Art Space
  • Mystical Insights Tarot & Astro readings by Bren
  • Coffee From our Friend Ramble On Roasting
  • And MORE!

All About The Immersive – & The Highlights:

⭐ Dive into the hopeful vision of the future with Novo Ita. This narrative-driven experience is full of amazing art installations by local artists, botanical gardens, augmented reality quests, interactive technology, and more.

🏙️ Discover the story of Novo Ita through tactile exploration, puzzles, and augmented reality “spirit quests”
🌷 Marvel at Denver’s only experience that combines Botanical Gardens & Immersive Art
✨ Connect with unique characters as they help you along this walk-through adventure
👪 Immerse yourself in this interactive art experience, perfect for families & friends who are seeking adventure and a new way to consume art
🤩 Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey created by Spectra Art Space that combines art, technology, and nature