About this Event:

“Femmes in the Wild” presents an exciting fusion of fashion and film, starring the talented Amayas Gonzalez (they/them/theirs) and Kirabo Michael (he/him/his). This unique fashion collection and film offer a captivating journey into the world of femininity as seen through Amayas’ eyes, providing an intimate look at their personal experiences with femininity, childhood, gender expression, and fashion that was captured on film by Kirabo Michael in a careful and beautiful manner.

We invite you to join us for a memorable Opening Night celebration on November 17th, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Join us for an evening of fun, creativity, and self-expression. Our themed opening night features a captivating performance by Amayas, a film release, and the added joy of light refreshments. Amayas extends a warm invitation to all to come as they are, with a special nod to animal prints and the vibrant color red – both highly encouraged to be part of the celebration.

Special Performance By Amayas: 7:15 PM – 7:45 PM (Spectra’s Immersive Entry will be closed for this performance)

This event will be in the Front Gallery at Spectra Art Space. It is FREE to attend this pop-up with RSVP. Access to Spectra’s Immersive Spookadelia is sold separately.

Amayas’ designs are a beautiful reflection of their boundless imagination and the diverse world that inspires them. Within this collection, there are vintage reworked leather pieces, blood stains, animal prints, and divine femininity. Each creation is a testament to Amayas’ creative vision and their ability to breathe new life into fashion.

About The Artists

Amayas Gonzalez (they/them/theirs) is a brown, queer, trans femme, artist, activist and creative. Amayas is currently living in Denver and New York. Their work has been featured in magazine publications and multiple brick-and-mortar shops.

Gonzalez is currently focusing on fashion and film elements related to their experiences as a brown trans feminine individual.

Kirabo Michael is a Texas-born filmmaker and editor with experience in a variety of visual mediums. Currently residing in Boulder Colorado, Kirabo has had their work exhibited at institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Arts Denver and on campus at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kirabo Michael currently focuses on music videos, fashion films, and narrative shorts, as well as being an anthropology student.

About the Collection & the Film

Through the mediums of fashion and film, “Femmes in the Wild” is an unapologetic celebration of femininity, set against the backdrop of a world that often fails to appreciate its beauty, particularly in those spaces where trans feminine individuals are met with disdain. From the ordinary setting of a gas station to the bustling streets and vibrant nightclub scenes, this collection and its accompanying film are a vivid exploration of the fantastical realm of embracing one’s femme identity in a world where self-love should be paramount.

Amayas Gonzalez, the visionary behind “Femmes in the Wild,” offers a deeply personal and evocative perspective on their unique journey through femininity, childhood, gender expression, and fashion. Kirabo Michael beautifully captures these experiences and puts the pieces together in a stunning fashion. Through their distinctive lenses, this project extends an invitation to viewers to explore the multifaceted tapestry of femininity, recognizing the sensual and nurturing spirit that resides within us all. “Femmes in the Wild” not only acknowledges the profound journey of motherhood but also delves into the intricacies of raising two trans children in a world that often falls short in respecting the trans community. Furthermore, it sheds light on the strength required to embark on the journey of transitioning in spaces that may not readily embrace us, yet where we boldly welcome ourselves.

This exquisite collection and its accompanying film will be unveiled at Spectra Art Space in Denver, Colorado, from November 17th to 21st. Join us on this immersive journey guided by the artistic lens of Amayas Gonzalez, as we delve into the vibrant and diverse universe of “Femmes in the Wild.” Your presence at this exhibition is an integral part of the experience, and we eagerly anticipate sharing this transformative moment with you.