On this New Moon, we will be experiencing a total solar eclipse with both the sun and the moon in Pisces. This will be a complete reset and charge of energy with our divine feminine. Intuition will be at an all time high so this class will be set to experience your intuition and use it for the benefit for your success.

When: Feb 25th
Where: Spectra Art Space
Doors and Tea: 6:30
Workshop Start Time: 7 pm
Elevated Tea/Talk/Tunes Social: Before and After Workshop Sponsored by Stillwater !!!

This social is for everyone! No knowledge of astrology necessary. Learn about yourself, learn about the connection to others, learn how to take what the universe throws at you and turn it into abundance.
The Class: Using the power of intention and visual mapping to activate the power of the Law of Attraction to embody the results you want to create in your life now. We will be covering the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of your life as well as giving you a hands-on experience in order to manifest all that what truly want.


Host Bio: Cam White, owner of White Light Astrology, is an Astrologer with extensive knowledge and training in Western Tropical Astrology. Also being involved in work around subconscious programming, Cam White intertwines his knowledge in both of these fields to help you better understand yourself, as well as the universe in a creative format that allows you to feel the highest essence of yourself than ever before.

This is a 21+ only Event & Workshop. Must Have Valid ID when you arrive for this event


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