Bombastic Plastic is a curated celebration of handmade toys.
Showcasing work in Soft vinyl, Resin, and PVC, featuring several outstanding artist.

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Photo Slide Show of Bombastic Plastic by Kate Russell, courtesy Meow Wolf.

Featured Toy Artists:

Cherry Moth Cake | Rampage Toys | VideoVomit Acolorfulmonster | KIK TOYZ WillyDigitalSculpting | SCIENCE PATROLMotley MisCreations | Tru Slithers | CMJ Toys | Lab Monkey Number 9 | Nate the Milkman X ZombiePoopGreen Plastic Tunnels | Shirahama Toy | KrymsynGardImmoral | Ronald Reeves | Naomi Knaff | Yuck Toy Co.Blitzkrieg ToysXpanded UniverseNeil Ewing | Chris Hillseth


Full catalogue of submitted art & Online sales will be released online here after the opening reception.

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