Join Us as we celebrate the showcase Budding Locally Grown Art Vol. 2 one last time!

Ft Live Music With:
Dually Noted aka David Real Eyes Bachicha and Sean Stone

Nathen Andron Anomaly

Stereo Nine

21+ | Free Refreshments | Giveaways | Live Music
We will be announcing the Best in Show and other awards for our artists during this event as well!
Featuring the artwork of:

Featuring Artists:
ZellerC Ceramics
Aaron Best :
J.Vazzano’s Visions
Sidney Silva
Devon “Tree” Lindsay
Peter Temple
Douglas A. Schenck
Ali Scalone
Orit’s Jewelry
Kelly Ann Mitchell
Christina Parsons
Ant1 Artistry
Renee Saunders
Macey Geivett
John Eagle Flame
Art by Breeanna Benton / Breeanna Benton
Ginny Hollinger
Zach Bellor
Frederic Park
Theodore Zammiello
Tayla Wells
Chase Whisenhunt
Michael DeMarse Glass Art
Gita Cornell
Amanda Vela
Glenn Little II
Ashley Raine
Olive Love

Sponsored By: Buddy Boy Brands
Partner Consideration: Miss Mary Jane Co.