Colorado Vibes: A Locally Grown Art Experience Vol.2 opens March 16th 7pm-12pm at Spectra Art Space. Come experience a Denver Art Showcase featuring Colorado’s incredible emerging fine artists, performers, fashion designers, food makers, and musicians under one roof for a night of creative sensory bliss. Our walls will be filled to the brim with amazing art from over 21 artists, a fashion show featuring some incredible Colorado Natives, Live musical performances on the inside stage, and a compelling performance entitled “Other Rooms” in our backyard.  The showcase will be up for a month but you do NOT want to miss this opening night! Check out the absolutely amazing Line up of artists below!

$5-$10 Suggested donation at the door.


Anna D Bruce | Elsa Marie Keefe | Mia Elodia

Paintings & Drawings

Ryan Heather | Grace Noel Art, LLC | Cee Martinez | Michael Herring | Benn Stebleton | Daniela La Rosa | Kfez  |DLiz Art| iamnotunique illustrations | Joe Gergley | William Hunter Nix | Bethany Armstrong | Chris Reno



NixTeez  | Blaksun Designs Strange Human Studios 

Zazu Creations | Malas Made With Love | Sacred Tree Art Collective | Joel Hocker Designs

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Mark UMeanr Mynr | West Hues

Performance Art 

Other Rooms

A performance duet composed of  Bailey a professional dancer and Nicholas a professional musician. These two have been collaborating to create immersive performance experiences in which Nicholas plays live music and Bailey moves inside of “Other Room” installations. For this event, they will be creating an immersive experience in our courtyard that they will perform on  loop throughout the evening for all to enjoy. Make sure you don’t miss this!

Mezzanine is a performance experience presented by “Other Rooms”. Made up of dancer Bailey Harper and musician Nicholas Caputo, this duo seeks to create installations in which the very framework of reality comes into question. A secondary space overlaid on top of what we know, a dimension of dreams and nightmares in which the observer is invited to join. The haunting musical soundscapes with layers of texture and ambiance are created to augment interpretive expressions of movement. Mezzanine is like your living room from another realm where you’re invited to immerse yourself and suspend time. 


Mile High Cajun Food Truck ,  Good Sugar Bakery

Good Sugar Baking

Sponsored By 

Buddy Boy Brands | Amanda Brooke Styles

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