Make your very own terrariums at Spectra Art Space with the curator of Plantopia, Ana White! Learn about plants & create.

About this Event

Overview: In this class students will learn how to build a terrarium, decorating suggestions/tips, info on which plants grow well together, care instructions and general plant knowledge. This class will take place in the middle of the Spectra Art Space Gallery which is currently showing “Plantopia” an art show with 40+ artists all featuring plants!

What is included with each class pass:

  • 3 Plants of your choice
  • Container / terrarium
  • Variety of Crystals, Stones, and Decorations
  • Care Cards to take home
  • Plant Knowledge.

About Your Teacher:

Ana white is a crazy plant babe who lives her best life in Colorado Springs. When she is not teaching classes or at the gallery helping curate shows like Plantopia , she works in an addiction treatment facility helping patients overcome addiction. She loves hanging with her pups, photography, and trying new foods!

Upcoming Classes: March 12th 7pm – 9pm