Familiar | Open August 12th - 22nd

A solo show by Jini Veenker (Jini Kimchi) featuring a collection of stunning linoleum & woodblock prints.

Opening Night Details

  • Free Drinks Provided by Ratio Beer Works
  • Artist meet and greet with live print-making demo.
  • Discounted donation options to access our newest Immersive Experience Novo Ita | The Festival Of Spirit featuring a room by Jini Veenker.

About the Art

“I am inspired by nature, cute critters, and my heritage. As a first-generation Korean-American, I found it dreadful that there was a lack of women who looked like me in pop culture and art. Honestly, there is a huge lack of representation of most woman of color. This is why I make large prints of women that have similar features to mine. I want my prints of these beautiful, unsmiling women to grab your attention. I put a lot of energy into each intricate, hand-crafted print because I want to make them as visually forceful as possible.

This series of work made me realize that I am obsessed with achieving harmony. The giant linocut prints of women are submersed and surrounded by tiny creatures and plants that are entwined with unpleasant realities like school shootings, pollution, environmental waste, and corpses of smaller animals. Life is beautiful but it is also a violent jungle. When I am able to accept that reality I feel more at peace.”

About the Artist

Jini Kim Veenker is a prin`tmaker from Tulsa, OK. Although her BFA and MFA are in Painting, she picked up Printmaking in 2018 and is now obsessed. By carving an original image onto a block of linoleum or wood she is able to share her intimate, delicately carved stamps with a large audience. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing someone’s face light up when they possess an original print made by her hand.

Veenker’s work draws inspiration from her background as a Korean-American Millennial navigating our 21st-century environment. She also teaches a few courses at Arapahoe Community College.

Her first time taking her art form and turning it into immersive installation art was with Spectra Art Space for their first installment of Novo Ita.