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Making Glass Hearts with Dale Karry “Pyro”

-The focus of this lesson will be upon the student’s learning how to form hearts with hot glass & take home 2 hearts that they help make! PLEASE RSVP for the time slot and Class Type you wish to attend, once a time slot is reserved, all other options for that time & day will be discontinued. (If you don’t see a time slot Available in the class option you wish to take, please feel free to email us or give us a call or check out the event pages for the 11th and 14th!)

The instructor will demonstrate the technique, then work one on one with each individual through the steps of the process to make valentine heart(s) to take home. Pendant loops (bails) will be added on by the instructor if necessary! All materials, light refreshments, and guided lessons will be provided with RSVP. There are 3 class types to choose from. :

  1. 2 hr. beginner & intermediate class,  for one student, take home 2 hearts. 2 hours will make time for more thorough explanations of the process involved and more hands-on working. $80 for single student  class
  2. $120 for a two-hour class for two students, a “valentine couple discount”.  Each student gets 2 hearts they helped make. (Special Valentine Refreshments Provided)
  3. $ 90 for a 2.5 hr. advanced class for those who have previous experience working with glass and torches. The focus will be toward making larger finished pieces with a wider variety of intricate techniques to choose from, as well as the finer details of forming the hearts.  Implosion/ compression on solid rod or tubing, filigrana twist cane stock, wig wags, inside out, u.v. reactive glass (blacklight), dichroic, and writing words or names in the glass are some of the techniques to choose from!

Time Slots Available on Feb 11th, 14th, and 15th.

Glass Blower Level Defined (all Welcome to this class!):

-Beginner w/ no experience

-Beginner w/ some experience

-Intermediate, has owned or rented a torch and/ or shop space previously, or made several projects from start to finish.

-Advanced, one year+ of glass experience.

This is the perfect Valentines Date & Gift!!!

RSVP for Feb 11th! 

RSVP For Feb 14th! 

RSVP For Feb 15th!