Meow Wolf DIY Fund: The Importance of DIY Spaces

Artists, DIY spaces, and groups add so much value to Denver and have made it the city we know and love. I can tell you first hand, it’s not easy to keep them open, and running, especially with rent on a continual slope upward in our beautiful city, but it IS worth it to try no matter what, we CAN NOT push artistic spaces like this out. I have learned in the nearly 2 years of running Spectra how important they REALLY are for so many people. I can’t even begin to explain how important our space has become for so many people: for the hundreds of artists who have come to love, be inspired by, and rely on our little space, for the thousands of people who walk through the doors and are inspired by the environment and the art, to the non profits we fundraise for, the veterans we have worked with, and the handful of people who have said we have changed their life, or even saved their life. For these people, and for so many other reasons, spaces like spectra and other DIY studios and groups ARE more important then most people realize, and honestly more important then I realized when we opened. There is nothing else like DIY community and culture and campaigns like this will help keep it alive in city’s that are growing.

I promise I won’t give up on Spectra no matter how the climate changes, no matter how hard I have to work, or how little I make, because it has become so much more than “my dream” and turned in to something powerful for so many people who inspire me to keep going. That being said it will take a community of people who also believe, and value, these communities, spaces, and groups, to keep DIY alive in Denver. So yeah, consider donating, consider visiting a local gallery, art show, small shop, or play. A little really goes a long way, and if we all can support these spaces we won’t have to say farewell to a critical part of what makes Denver, and really any city, so wonderful. Spectra Art Space will be applying for this year’s fund! Wish us luck.

-Sadie Young (Spectra Art Space Founder)

Check it out! THE DIY FUND — Year Two!!

Meow Wolf believes in the importance of alternative, non-conformist community venues often referred to as DIY spaces. So we have launched our DIY Fund to support these kinds of spaces and the DIY communities that utilize them as a resource. In it’s first year, this fund supported 106 DIY art and music spaces in 21 states with critical funding for rent, infrastructure, safety improvements, materials and equipment.

Today, we invite you to strengthen DIY communities by contributing to this year’s fund. 100% of proceeds go directly to these much-needed community spaces.

Contribute today -> MeowWolf.Com/DIY