Pandemic Collective, a horror theatre company based in Denver, is terrified to present Yūrei. April 5th, 6th, and 7th. 6pm-9pm.

Derived in Kabuki style and horror Manga, Yūrei is based on the Japanese mythology behind “Tomino’s Hell”, a deadly poem whose words must never be spoken aloud. When newlywed Amira discovers a piece of parchment in a mirror gifted to her by a stranger, a malevolent spirit from the past begins to haunt her. Yūrei, a terrifying play about revenge from beyond the grave and the people who torment us long after they are gone, is perfect for devotees of classic nightmare-inducing horror.

Join us at Spectra Art Space in Denver for an unforgettable night of site-specific terror, with sake provided by Colorado Sake Co.!

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