“In every story, there is a hero and a villain, in your story you are both.” 

Spookadelia 3: Back to the Source is an all-ages psychedelic immersive art and theatrical experience presented by Spectra Art Space. Back to the Source is the awe-inspiring and introspective third installment of the Spookadelia Series from the artist, makers, and move shakers who brought you Spookadelia 1 and Spookadelia 2 along with some new surprise artists making their Spookadelia debut. 

Guests who enter into The Source will have to solve the puzzle of the psyche by journeying through the neon jungle of archetypes. Those who are brave enough to face their shadow, ego, persona, and self will be rewarded with the ultimate prize. Guests will have to solve the puzzle in time to free the Crone, and race to get her back to her home in Crone throne forest. 

Each room and section of the experience is immersive, interactive, and mind-bending. Investigating what it means to become individuated on a personal and social level while exploring the layers of the human psyche and providing a fresh take on art consumption and the haunted experience. The installations and experience, while “spooky” will also be family-friendly & full of delight.

“There is more to you than the social role as dictated by the persona” – Carl Jung

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Spookadelia will be open to the Public October 3rd – Januray 2020

Each booking is allotted 50 minutes to explore the immersive as a whole, with up to 30 minutes to explore the first two rooms and solve the puzzle. After each private party solves the puzzle the Spectra team will sanitize and clean the  space before the next group enters. 

Bookings are for private parties only. Each group will move through the immersive with their pod only.

The immersive is indoors and outdoors.

DISCOUNTED TICKETS: The More people in your group the cheaper each ticket will be!

Special Matinee Pricing: Wednesday – Friday 12pm -4pm | Tickets are $15 per person for all orders with two guests or more during these times.

Pricing Break-Down (For Non-Matinee): 

  • 1 Person Private Pass: $30
  • 2-4 Person Private Pass: $20 Per Person
  • 5 Person Private Pass: $19 Per Person
  • 6 Person Private Pass: $18.50 Per Person
  • 7 Person Private Pass : $18 Per Person
  • 8 Person Private Pass: $17.00 Per Person

In this installment of Spookadelia, we are technologically leveling up to meet the times and to keep our guests safe.
  • -All Ages are welcome and encouraged to attend!
  • -Installations  are indoors and outdoors.
  • -Before guests arrive they will be sent an audio/visual video that will tell the story of Spookadelia 1 & 2 and give them an introduction to the story of Spookadelia 3. 
  • -The installations  will be accompanied by a series of  clues that will be found and enjoyed. 
  • -Masks will be required at all times while visiting the immersive, and hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be set up throughout the space.  
  • -Timed entry tickets for private parties will be available with time between each group, during which the Spectra Staff will be sanitizing and resetting the immersive.
  • -All-time slots will be limited to private parties 8 or fewer people in accordance with public health orders.
  • -Staff will wear masks for their protection and yours, and cleaning between each group, including disinfecting all hard surfaces, props, and more.

Meet the Creators of Spookadelia: 

There will be a variety of installations created by local artists including the Spectra Art Space core team who have created installations including Spookadelia 1&2, Genius Wizard 2019, UMS Odyssey stage Far Out Factory Photobooth, Magic crystals at Cosmico Americas and so much more in conjunction with DAS ( working with Denver Meow Wolf), and PH Balance collective who built Natura Obscura. The exhibition will also feature video performance artists curated by Kayla Smith whose experience in local theater includes working with Adams Mystery Playhouse and Fearless Theatre. Lead by creative director Sadie Young, the owner of Spectra Art Space and installation artist.

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