Snapped Featured Artist

Opening March 4th At Spectra Art Space

Showcasing Series:

Democracy Under the Lens of Communism

“Capturing the holes in democracy from the lens of a camera made in a fallen Communist country. ”

Can you give us an artist statement for the series you will be showcasing in March?

“My project is taking a camera made in the USSR and capturing how democracy is failing us at that current time. I’m interested in the USSR because of the USSR because of the history and all of the angles. I’m also interested in capturing the fallen US democracy because I like to document it as I see it falling. I hope the audience is interested in my project.

Tell us about the process for the series? 

“I took these photos on a Fed V camera made in the USSR specifically for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. It has no light meter so I had to guess the shutter speed and aperture. I used Kodal Tri-X black and white film. My amazing mom developed it at home.”

Baylor Kazz The Artist:

My name is Baylor Kaaz. I am 11 years old. I started taking film photos with my mom’s (Tania Kazz) manual Pentax K1000 when I was 5. She develops my film.