Snapped Featured Artist

Opening March 4th At Spectra Art Space

Showcasing Series:

The Ordinary Manner of Miracles

“There is magic for those who look; ordinary miracles occur every day. ”

Can you give us an artist statement for the series you will be showcasing in March?

“My work is often described as serene and meditative, focusing on our connection to nature and a slice of the human experience. While my images present a simple view of beauty, they capture much more. Photography has taught me one important lesson: there is magic for those who look for it and through the simple act of observation the ordinary can become miraculous.

Out of a perfect cacophony of varying ingredients, these miracles appear, last a short while, and then disappear back into the fabric of the universe from which they came. A moment in which the lighting shifted just right and illuminated something that wasn’t quite there before, untraceable elements that have rendered patterns into the way something has grown, unseen hands forming these ordinary objects into something special.

When I am lucky, I am able to collect these miracles with a lens or scanner. I have a simple goal as a photographer/ scanographer, which is to connect the viewer to the unseen little worlds that are constantly surrounding us. I invite you to ask yourself this question: are you paying attention?

Tell us about the process for the series? 

“My process as a photographer is to observe rather than create. My inspiration comes from the outside world and filters in, often feeling like a spark, a draw and I soon I find myself captivated by a leaf, a shadow, a rain drop. My process as a scanographer is to collect the objects themselves that have inspired that spark and carefully compose them on a scanner. At times an urge will come over me to move the object or add objects while the scan is in process. If the background of the image has a maroon tint it was created during the day time; if black it was created at night. “

Macey Sigaty The Artist:

Seeing beauty in the little things—a grain of sand, a sliver of paper, a blooming flower—adds more meaning to my days than I know what to do with. Thank goodness that words are not needed to make a photograph, because it often leaves me speechless.
Photography, to me, is a place to put things: a shelf outside of time
to display things indescribably dear to me and a way to capture the
multitudinous complexity of things that can’t be explained.
These images are moments that matter too much not to be remembered.

From a young age, my grandparents took meon many cross-country road trips and—unbeknownst to me at the time—instilled a life-long desire to travel often and far. Introduced in high school, photography
has been the perfect companion to my incurable compulsion to explore. in May of 2016 I graduated with an AAS- Professional Photography degree from Red Rocks Community College.

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