Snapped Featured Artist

Opening March 4th At Spectra Art Space

Showcasing Series:

Saccharin Nature

“A photo project of “nature” during a pandemic.”

Can you give us an artist statement for the series you will be showcasing in March for Snapped at Spectra Art Space?

“My current project, “Saccharin Nature” is a photo project of “nature” during a pandemic. During the lockdown I was unable to connect with nature the way I needed/wanted so I surrounded myself with silk flowers from a past project. I started photographing them, but the feeling I needed was missing. When you look at the raw images, you can see the fabric textures, loose threads etc., you see the “fake” nature. If all I can have is an artificial experience than I wanted the full Saccharin experience. Each of these photographs has been digitally manipulated and painted to capture the sweetest feeling I could achieve .

Tell us about the process for the series? 

“Each image is digitally manipulated and painted. “

Merhia M Wiese The Artists:

Merhia is an artist, creative, mother, Denver native, and advocate. Currently a Death & Postpartum Doula in training. She is the former Community Engagement Coordinator and Marketing Associate for Meow Wolf Denver and a Westword “Colorado Creative.” She is a positive force in the Denver community, connecting people in need with others who can help, either personally or professionally. She has been working with artists for over 23 years on making their presence known and also advocating for them to get paid fairly for their art. Pre Pandemic, Merhia supported her community by hosting and attending a multitude of local events and helped to promote local creatives.

Most recently she started Colorado’s first “artist relief fund“ to support artists and performers who were financially impacted by all of the cancellations due to the COVID-19 virus. “Denver Metro Area Artist Relief Fund.” She also started on the core team for “” which is a remote collaborative effort of makers, designers, industry experts and healthcare workers to create PPE for the Frontline healthcare workers serving the community during the coronavirus pandemic. She is currently serving on their Board of Directors. She has been given numerous accolades for her advocacy and was labeled one of 5280 Magazine’s “Disrupters.”